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We Sell

We sell voluntary and compliance offsets from quality greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Minimum purchase = 10,000 metric tons     Buy Carbon Credits

The Climate Trust works with first time buyers and market veterans; bringing expertise and flexible purchase agreements to our clients. Our partnerships include companies building voluntary sustainability programs, as well as covered entities in California and other compliance markets.

The Climate Trust, via its investment fund administered by Climate Trust Capital, is actively developing a portfolio of high-quality, affordable carbon offsets from U.S.-based projects that are likely to be recognized under state, regional or federal climate rules and regulations—focusing in the forestry, grassland conservation, and livestock digester sectors. Preferred projects have a high likelihood to generate positive social or economic impacts that will benefit the communities local to our clients. Issued carbon credits will meet rigorous third-party standards, including ARB, CAR, ACR and VCS.

Helping our clients to reduce their emissions also helps us to achieve our mission. Our ultimate goal is identifying the best climate solutions in the market—innovating and enhancing sectors with the highest potential for positive climate impacts.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you meet your environmental goals, while also taking into consideration sensitive market conditions. Whether you are just starting to consider an offset program or you are ready to begin implementation, we provide the following:

  1. Assistance identifying suitable credits from our portfolio for your purchase
  2. Setting up a voluntary or compliance offset program

We provide services for every stage of the carbon offset program life cycle and each service can be provided in isolation—for partners seeking partial support—or as a complete package for full-service program implementation.

The first step in purchasing offsets is to get in touch. We want to help you reach your goals.

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A Trusted Partner

The Climate Trust has developed an innovative portfolio with projects in eight diverse sectors. Since 2010, we have committed $27.4 million in carbon financing from voluntary and compliance buyers towards high quality carbon offset projects.

We are dedicated to managing carbon acquisitions and creating customized carbon portfolios for our partners, including past partner, the Colorado Carbon Fund, and NW Natural’s successful voluntary offset program, Smart Energy. The Climate Trust has committed approximately $4.5 million in carbon finance to eleven methane energy utilization projects, anticipated to deliver approximately 560,037 carbon offsets for Smart Energy. In partnership with The Climate Trust, the Colorado Carbon Fund built fruitful relationships with state educational institutions, including the University of Colorado Boulder who offset almost 15,000 tons through their environmental center.

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