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The Climate Trust staff engage in a wide variety of speaking engagements. From our broadly knowledgeable executive director, Sean Penrith, to experts in the fields of forestry, grassland conservation, livestock digesters, climate change, carbon markets, conservation finance, and the future of sustainability. The Climate Trust can provide keynote speakers for events or experts for small format presentations to companies, government or the public.

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Featured Speakers

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  • Sean Penrith, Executive Director

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    Sean assumed the role of executive director at The Climate Trust in August 2013 after leading Earth Advantage, Inc. (EAI) for 7 years. During his tenure as executive director with EAI, Sean also nurtured CakeSystems, a spin-off company that commercialized an energy efficiency modeling and performance scoring software developed by EAI.
    Sean is an active proponent of the development of voluntary carbon and ecosystem service markets. He believes that conservation finance, carbon mitigation solutions, and carbon markets have a pivotal role to play in addressing climate change.
    Sean is a recognized Portland Connector, an Edison Awards and Pivotal Leader nominee, an alumni of the EMERGE Leadership for Sustainability program, a member of the Association of Climate Change officers, a UNITAR Climate Change Diplomacy graduate, an advisor to MIT’s Climate CoLab initiative, and an Observer to the Green Bond Principles.
    Sean presents frequently on topics that include conservation finance, green building, deep carbon reduction strategies, the future of sustainability, and climate change.
    Sean is an avid sailor and can be found on any navigable body of water on his boat with his wife Meredith and son Quinn.

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  • Kristen Kleiman, Director of Investments

    Kristen joined The Climate Trust team in September 2016 to lead their new carbon investment fund venture.
    Kristen Kleiman is an institutional investment expert with over 25 years’ experience. She specializes in natural resource investment portfolio management with particular expertise in the negotiation, structuring, analysis and management of international timberland acquisitions and dispositions. Kristen’s background includes her tenure as a member of the Board of Directors of East Africa’s largest forestry company and as a central participant in investment decision-making for two leading timberland investment management firms.
    Prior to her time at The Climate Trust, she was a senior team member at FourWinds Capital Management, and formerly worked for Hancock Timber Resource Group.
    Kristen is available to speak on a variety of topics including natural resource private equity investments and timberland investment strategies.
    Kristen has a Master of Forestry Ecology from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelors in Finance and Investments from Babson College.

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  • Sheldon Zakreski, Director of Asset Management


    Sheldon Zakreski is The Climate Trust’s Director of Asset Management.
    Sheldon is responsible for managing The Climate Trust’s carbon credit acquisition programs and its offset project portfolio. Nearly 15 of his 20 years of professional experience has been concentrated in carbon markets and policy.
    Sheldon began his carbon market career in 1998 tracking U.S. policy for the Japanese government. He also worked for Trexler Climate & Energy Services where he specialized in international carbon price forecasts and market design.
    Sheldon presents regularly on topics including offset project development and management, carbon market trends, and carbon pricing policy.
    Sheldon has a M.A. in economics where he wrote his graduate thesis on cap and trade program design in 1995.

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  • Peter Weisberg, Senior Portfolio Manager


    Peter began working in carbon markets in 2006, first at EcoSecurities and then joining The Climate Trust in 2007. He has invested more than $9.5 million into projects that generate greenhouse gas offset credits.
    Peter works to raise and deploy capital into carbon offset projects. During his time at The Trust, Peter’s work has focused on biogas, grassland conservation, nutrient management and forestry projects.
    Peter presents regularly on carbon markets and other emerging environmental markets, like California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard or the federal Renewable Fuel Standard.
    Peter holds a B.A. from Claremont McKenna College.

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  • Mik McKee, Land Asset Manager

    Mik joined The Climate Trust in January, 2015 as the in-house forestry expert.
    Mik got his start in forestry working as a Forestry Technician for the US Forest Service on the Gallatin National Forest in Montana. After two years working on the Gallatin, he took a position with Chena Interagency Hotshots based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Having worked on the frontlines of many large wildfires throughout the west, Mik is acutely aware of the ecological implications of increasingly severe wildfires.
    This experience led Mik to the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment where he was part of a team seeking innovative ways to increase biomass utilization in the northern Sierra. The goal of this work was to create new demand for a traditionally low-value forest product and generate additional revenue to support forest restoration activities that reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and improve forest health.
    Mik’s perspective on forestry has been greatly influenced by these two distinct experiences and this is part of the forestry knowledge he brings to The Climate Trust. He is excited by the opportunity to demonstrate how carbon offset projects can lead to improved forest management and healthier forests in a finically viable manner.
    Mik is available to speak on a variety of topics including the opportunities and costs of developing forest carbon offset projects and how forest carbon projects can support sustainable forest management.
    Mik has a Master of Forestry Degree from the Yale School of Forestry.

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The Climate Trust has shared their expertise at foremost industry events such as Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW), Argus California Carbon Summit, Carbon Forum North America, C-AGG, Who Will Own the Forests, Passive House Northwest, The Climate Leadership Conference, BioCycle, and Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC).


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Portland, OR, Sept 12-14, 2017
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New York, NY, Sept 21, 2017
Meet with Sean Penrith

Napa Valley, CA, Oct 9-11, 2017
Meet with Sean Penrith, or Sheldon Zakreski

Portland, OR, Oct 16-20, 2017
Meet with Peter Weisberg

Denver, CO, Oct 26-28, 2017
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