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Who We Work With

We work directly with landowners to develop carbon projects and then sell the credits on their behalf to carbon offset buyers.

We’ve been funding, developing, and managing carbon projects for landowners for over 25 years. By working with offset buyers and ensuring that carbon markets are accessible to both small and large landowners, we help create revenue streams that empower every land steward to protect the land they love while building climate resiliency that benefits the world.

We have a proven track record of partnering with family ranchers, private forest owners, public and government landowners, land trusts, and Tribal nations. We also partner with other nonprofits like the Federation of Southern Cooperatives to reach climate vulnerable communities and have strong relationships with carbon offset buyers to sell carbon credits at competitive prices for landowners.

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Landowners & Managers

Our nature-based carbon projects support sustainable rural livelihoods like ranching and forestry. We partner with both private and public landowners to understand their land management goals and needs.

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Carbon Offset Buyers

As one of the oldest carbon entities in the nation, we have decades of experience with carbon markets and offset buyers. We sell our high-quality credits to Fortune 500 companies, energy utilities, and local buyers.

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Featured Projects

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