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Land stewardship for a better climate future

We use the power of carbon markets and work alongside landowners to implement climate solutions that improve and conserve America's forests and grasslands.

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Our Nature-based climate solutions

We believe a community united in land stewardship and climate positive action is critical to a prosperous and healthy future for us all. That’s why we partner with public and private land stewards to develop, fund, and manage nature-based carbon projects that keep more carbon in the trees and soil, support rural livelihoods, and benefit the land we all live on.

Conserving Ranches & Grasslands

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Our Nation’s 

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Forest Carbon Management

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Tiles of images of trees, cowboys looking into the distance, and a team of scientists discussing in the forest.

Connecting Landowners to Carbon Markets

Our projects generate carbon offsets that we sell to buyers and revenue that goes right back to landowners.

Why did you partner with The Climate Trust?

I believe that it is absolutely critical that we protect our resources for future generations. Because of this agricultural conservation easement, Lightning Creek will always remain a working ranch while also protecting some of the most beautiful and ecologically important lands in the country.
Dan Probert, Rancher in Wallowa County, Oregon

Our Impact

Since 1997, The Climate Trust has been pioneering carbon market solutions.


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