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A Letter from the Executive Director

Published: December 12, 2023 by

Dear Friends,

This is a special Scorcher–in this issue we are celebrating over two decades of carbon market leadership with The Climate Trust’s 25th anniversary. To mark this milestone, we have two very exciting announcements: a new 5-year strategic plan, and perhaps you’ve already noticed, a fresh and inviting rebrand.

Launching a new brand along with a new strategic plan is no coincidence. For the next five years our goal is to significantly scale a quarter century of innovation and impact. In doing so, we want to increase our visibility by communicating the importance of our work in the most fitting and engaging way. In addition to a new logo and design system, on December 6th we launched a full website redesign that reflects our strategic direction of progress, expansion, and partnership in preserving beautiful ecosystems. Please check it out at

The new strategic plan is bold. In a nutshell, we seek to promote healthy ecosystems and resilient communities by mobilizing markets to solve ecological issues. To scale nature-based solutions, our focus lies in three areas of project development and financing: Reforestation/Afforestation, Grassland Conservation, and Improved Forest Management (IFM). Over the next five years we have challenged ourselves to pioneer carbon finance projects for reforestation and afforestation across the U.S., scale our grassland work to build TCT into the “go to” source of carbon financing for grassland conservation, and triple the pace of our IFM developments.

We will continue to innovate these natural climate solutions by providing patient capital that allows us to invest in projects ahead of the curve, demonstrate new technical and financial strategies, and lead the market to new projects, geographies and landowner types. Our nonprofit status, mission and mandate uniquely qualify us to innovate and lead, and we will extend this advantage to communities most impacted by climate change. We will engage small landowners and historically marginalized communities in climate solutions, and provide them better access to carbon markets.

Finally, we aim to amplify our voice, influence, and thought leadership. Starting with the rebrand just launched for our 25th anniversary, we will better tell our story as a trustworthy, nonprofit partner that pushes the carbon market envelope and creates significant ecosystem and community benefits beyond greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. We will continue to use our technical and market expertise to inform policies for carbon markets and act as a trusted advisor to all partners, from small landowners to world-class companies. 

The time is right and our motivation is high. We enter the next 25 years of TCT operations prepared and qualified to be both the provider of the highest quality, nature-based carbon offsets, and a critical innovator for nature-based carbon offset projects. Please join us for the ride!

Best regards,

Julius Pasay, Executive Director