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What We Do

We work directly with forest and grassland owners to implement climate solutions that leverage the power of America’s vast natural lands.

The Climate Trust is an experienced carbon offset project developer and funder. Since we were founded as the first offset fund in the nation in 1997, we have been pioneering carbon market solutions that benefit grasslands and forests.

Working alongside landowners, we help identify their land management and conservation goals to determine how carbon projects can best support them and their land. From there, we provide upfront funding and direct management to develop a carbon project that works for them and creates an additional revenue stream through carbon offset sales. Our efforts are focused on supporting important grassland ecosystems and the ranches that depend on them, restoring the nation’s forestlands, and advancing excellent forest management.   

Image of a yellow and orange wheat field and intense blue sky.


We are proud to pioneer carbon finance solutions that are scaling the permanent protection of North America’s grasslands while supporting the rural families and the diversity of plants and animals that live on them.

Image of a forest floor filled with trees and wildflowers.

Improved Forest Management

We support the land management goals of forest owners and develop projects that store more carbon in their trees, generating an additional revenue stream for them that isn’t reliant on timber harvesting.

Image of a field with new tree growth overlooking mountains and a blue sky.


We work with landowners after wildfires, decades of agricultural use, and other disturbances by planting native, site-appropriate seedlings that generate climate-smart timber and grow into healthy forests.

Why work with us?

The Climate Trust is at the forefront of carbon project finance and development. Initiatives like Climate Trust Capital successfully show our ability to make smart nature-based investments  and successfully manage projects. Since our founding in 1997, we’ve worked with landowners around the country to develop over 120 projects and have the longest running history of carbon offset transactions in the U.S. 

As a nonprofit organization, we invest only in innovative, high-impact projects that support the good land stewardship of landowners and managers. And as a respected provider of high-quality offsets, we maintain strong relationships with offset buyers to get the best prices and deal structures for our landowner partners.

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Traceable Reforestation for Carbon and Timber

We are receiving $15 million in federal funding to show how investments in climate-smart timber can recover our nation’s forest estate. This work is in partnership with Arbor Day Carbon, The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, and TerraCarbon.