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A New Home for the Colorado Carbon Fund

Published: May 31, 2016 by Editorial Team

Kasey Krifka, The Climate Trust
Live on P.R. Web – May 31, 2016

The Climate Trust today announced that the administration of the Colorado Carbon Fund (CCF) program has been transferred to Colorado-based NGO, Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS).

The CCF, founded in 2008 by the Colorado Energy Office (then Governor’s Energy Office), was the first voluntary, state-based program in the country designed to help individuals and businesses offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Over the lifetime of the program, the money raised from these tax-deductible carbon offset purchases has been directed to carbon reduction projects developed locally in Colorado.

The CCF initially partnered with The Climate Trust (The Trust)—a national carbon market leader—to help select projects and provide expertise to accelerate long-lasting, innovative climate solutions. In 2012, The Trust took the lead in launching the fund into a separate, stand-alone program administered from their headquarters in Portland, Oregon; with a local office in Denver for the first year to support. Having on-the-ground representation enabled direct interaction with stakeholders at public events, and with our nine-member Advisory Committee.

As The Trust began to shift to a new climate finance business model, the change in focus necessitated finding a new home for the CCF. The decision to transition the program to new leadership was made late last year, with a new management search spearheaded by CCF Advisory Committee member Katherine Hamilton of Kate Hamilton LLC, and Ben Apple of Environmental Commodities Corporation.

The Trust felt that the CCF should have on-the-ground, in-state representation, and selected NCS as the new Colorado-based home for the program due to the organization’s strong leadership in sustainability and climate mitigation, working with both private and public sectors.

“The Climate Trust has a long history with the Colorado Carbon Fund, and we are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with the generous contributions of Colorado citizens and businesses throughout our tenure,” said Sheldon Zakreski, director of carbon compliance for The Climate Trust. “I am thankful that this program, which holds a special place in the hearts of may Coloradans, was able to find a new and worthy home with Natural Capitalism Solutions.”

“We are delighted to take stewardship of the Colorado Carbon Fund and look forward to building on the successes achieved by the Colorado Energy Office and The Climate Trust over the last eight years,” said Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions. “This transition will allow us to figure out next steps for this iconic Colorado institution and enable it to become the tool Colorado needs to begin implementing the world’s goal of fighting climate disruption.”

“I have had the pleasure of contributing to the CCF over the last few years as a donor, and as part of the CCF’s Advisory Committee,” said Katherine Hamilton, Colorado Carbon Fund Advisory Committee. “The Colorado Carbon Fund is a unique state-wide program connecting citizens who are aware of their individual impact on our climate with local greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects. Each time I see a car with an advancing clean energy license plate, I get encouraged knowing the driver has considered the climate impact of their vehicle.”

Since its inception, over 1,000 individuals and 75 Colorado organizations have reduced their emissions through the program, and more than 39,000 certified carbon offsets have been retired on behalf of program donors. To learn more about the Colorado Carbon Fund, visit:

Image credit: Flickr/Robert Cross