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Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Steering Committee Membership

Published: October 22, 2015 by Editorial Team

The Climate Trust’s Director of Risk Management, Sheldon Zakreski, has been recruited as a carbon market expert for the prestigious Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (C-AGG) Steering Committee. C-AGG has established itself as an important forum for bringing together a wide variety of agricultural sector stakeholders to address issues of climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

The C-AGG Steering Committee serves to provide guidance, directional input, and general oversight to the C-AGG Executive Director and Meridian Institute support staff to advance C-AGG’s mission and achievement of objectives. C-AGG is a multi-stakeholder coalition fostering a fact-based discourse on the development and adoption of voluntary incentives to reduce GHG emissions from the agricultural sector. C-AGG participants include over 95 organizations, including agricultural producers and producer groups, scientists, environmental NGO’s, carbon market developers, methodology experts, and investors, and other proponents of voluntary agricultural GHG mitigation opportunities and benefits.

Members of the committee include:
Agricultural Sector
Paul Buttner, California Rice Commission
Thomas Driscoll, National Farmers Union
Chad Frahm, Innovation Center for US Dairy
Michael Formica, National Pork Producers Council

Environmental NGO
Jimmy Daukas, American Farmland Trust
Robert Parkhurst, Environmental Defense Fund

Carbon Markets/Financial Sector
Leslie Durschinger, Terra Global Capital, LLC
Sheldon Zakreski, The Climate Trust

Academic/Government/Think Tank
Rich Conant, Colorado State University
John Kadyszewski, Winrock International

As a committee member, Sheldon will provide guidance, feedback and input via monthly calls, including suggestions for additional, new, or redirected activities of C-AGG as necessary to achieve the goals of the consortium. The Climate Trust is pleased to contribute to this worthwhile endeavor and looks forward to making a real impact in the agriculture sector.