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Fund I Performance Update

Published: February 26, 2018 by Editorial Team

Kasey Krifka, The Climate Trust
February 21, 2018

Our Progress

Climate Trust Capital has made significant progress toward investing our $5.5M Fund I this year, with more than 50% invested in four quality projects (totaling $2.8M) that conserve critical grasslands, protect forest habitat, and provide clean energy. We anticipate that Fund I will be fully invested early this year based on the status of projects in our pipeline. The portfolio is expected to generate its first cash flows in 2018.

What is the Fund?

Climate Trust Capital’s 10-year carbon investment vehicle is committing capital into innovative, U.S.-based carbon offset projects. We invest in quality projects that accelerate greenhouse gas reductions in North America.

We are passionate about providing a new source of capital for conservation projects, and believe that making environmental credits a financeable asset class can result in paradigm shifts to help restore and protect our planet. Below is a snapshot of our performance to-date.


The four investments made to date include two California-based livestock digester projects, West-Star North and CE&S Dairy Digester, as well as the Lightning Creek Ranch Avoided Conversion Grasslands and Great Mountain Forest Improved Forest Management projects.
Funds Invested$2.8M
Portfolio Diversification(2) digesters

(1) forestry

(1) grasslands

Projected Rate of Return12+%

Project Testimonial

“[The Climate Trust’s] latest contribution to climate stewardship, the Climate Trust Capital carbon investment fund, is a timely arrival: An investment vehicle ideally suited to bring smaller, economically-stranded emission reduction projects to market. The Trust’s unique offering of upfront capital in combination with out-year price, production and regulatory risk reduction is exactly the springboard that many long-dated projects, like avoided conversion, need to get on their feet.” Eric Townsend, Bluesource

Future Climate Trust Capital investments in carbon will align with our conviction that carbon prices are undervalued and will provide investors with market rate, risk-adjusted returns.

Image credit: Flickr/Bureau of Land Management Alaska