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Get to Know Us!

Published: July 16, 2024 by Editorial Team

20 Things You May Not Know about The Climate Trust

If you’re considering a career with The Climate Trust, here are some fun facts to get you acquainted with our culture.


  1. We have been honored as one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to work for by Oregon Business Magazine for three years
  2. The team gives back to the community each year through a group volunteer activity, and staff are encouraged to make a difference individually through paid volunteer hours
  3. The whole staff takes part in quarterly outings that build camaraderie, and inspire exploration of the outdoors and our vibrant urban community. Can anyone say, whitewater rafting?!
  4. 100% of staff bike, walk or take public transit to and from the office—and we’re rewarded for doing it!
  5. Bring your dog to the office, or hang out with your pooch at home using our work from home policy


  1. We’ve been around since 1997—we’re actually the oldest carbon entity in the nation!
  2. We operate under the Oregon Carbon Dioxide Standard, the nation’s first legislation to curb carbon dioxide emissions
  3. To date, all regulated Oregon utilities have chosen to mitigate their emissions through The Trust
  4. In 2014, The Trust committed its milestone $10 millionth dollar to purchasing offsets
  5. The Trust manages multiple special purpose programs in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, California, and Massachusetts—including the prestigious NW Natural Smart Energy Program

Our Work

  1. Our business model provides capital to early-stage projects that rely upon revenues from carbon markets
  2. We invest in forestry, grassland conservation, and livestock digester carbon reduction projects
  3. Our projects are contracted to generate over 5.7M tons in emission reductions, equivalent to carbon sequestered by 6,763,654 acres of U.S. forests in one year
  4. 55% of the money we invest on behalf of utilities stays in Oregon
  5. We wrote the first standard for a US offset project in 2001; founded the Offset Quality Initiative in 2007; and transacted the first ever grassland conservation and nutrient management agricultural credits—yep, we’re accomplished!