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New Face and Mission for The Climate Trust

Published: June 13, 2024 by Editorial Team


The Climate Trust, a mission-driven nonprofit that specializes in financing climate solutions, today unveiled their new brand design reflective of their recently refined business model. Working with Portland-based branding agency, OVO, The Trust had a goal of uniting the different facets of their business through a dynamic visual system and transparent, inspirational messaging.

“While the company is rapidly evolving, our trademark and mission—the essence of our brand—should too,” said Sean Penrith, executive director for The Climate Trust. “The Climate Trust brand represents the promise we make to our partners and the world—our commitment to transparency, trust, and innovation.”

The organization’s new look-and-feel announcement follows closely on the heels of their 18-year-Anniversary. The Trust’s longevity in the carbon market is unparalleled, and their new trademark pays homage to this history by retaining the classic Climate Trust blue in the midst of the lively and vibrant visual upgrade. The new tagline—Invest with purpose—was designed to appeal to The Trust’s primary audiences: impact investors, project developers, and organizations seeking to meet carbon mitigation goals.

“Ultimately, a more powerful Climate Trust brand will translate into improved market awareness of what The Trust does best,” said Laura Beane, board chair and director of regional market structure and policy for Iberdrola Renewables. “The Trust’s new model builds off of their significant expertise in carbon mitigation and fosters growth in environmental markets–critical components to the significant climate benefits enabled by the exceptional Climate Trust team.”

Over the last year and half, The Trust has undergone tremendous changes in how their business is structured, and the range of services offered. Leadership felt that these shifts compelled them to revisit their mission, messaging, and corporate identity.

Under their new model, The Trust offers greater potential for carbon mitigation by investing proceeds from their managed carbon investment fund into critical early-stage projects; providing immediate value for the project’s carbon credits; and offering access to their technical experts. The Trust’s active involvement with project developers in their preferred sectors—agriculture, forestry, biogas—will ensure healthy yields of credits and fruitful revenues from the sale of the environmental credits.

“We believe our new branding will raise the bar in how current and potential clients perceive The Trust and match the caliber of our ambitious new objectives,” said Dick Kempka, chief commercial officer for The Climate Trust. “We hope our partners find the new brand to be more dynamic and the messaging a better reflection of the innovative work undertaken by The Trust. Our look has finally caught up with the creative and collaborative culture we’ve worked hard to build, and we’re proud to finally show it off,” continued Kempka.

The Trust, which recently launched an online application for projects to apply for conservation finance, is dedicated to delivering on our new mission—mobilizing conservation finance to maximize environmental returns. The Trust looks forward to continuing work with long-time partners and beginning new relationships that advance critical environmental markets.