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Prologis to Mitigate Carbon through Innovative Transportation Project

Published: January 22, 2014 by Kasey Krifka, The Climate Trust

At first look, moving from point A to point B seems simple, but in the global world of commerce distribution is actually pretty complicated. Prologis is a company dedicated to facilitating the flow of goods by developing and operating distribution facilities throughout the world. Prologis is also dedicated to leading the pack on reducing the environmental impacts associated with distribution; particularly climate change and overburdened ecosystems.

When it came to addressing global climate change, Prologis looked to its own backyard in Colorado, the location of the company’s operational headquarters. Although climate change is a global challenge, the locations where it is addressed receive many local benefits such as jobs, and cleaner air and water.

In an effort to think globally and act locally, Prologis turned to the Colorado Carbon Fund to help mitigate their carbon footprint. The Colorado Carbon Fund is a first of its kind program; a voluntary carbon fund that directs money to emission reduction projects in the state.

Prologis’s contribution helped The Climate Trust to support an innovative transportation project that moves goods throughout the state with trains instead of trucks. Trains are a less carbon intense way to move goods compared to trucks, and also lead to reduced traffic on Colorado highways and a decrease in air pollution.