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What We Stand For

Published: June 13, 2024 by Editorial Team

The Climate Trust’s Corporate Values

As part of a global community, we advocate for sensible policies and actions that defend the environment at home and abroad. The following fundamental beliefs are at the heart of The Climate Trust:

  1. We believe that climate change is the world’s most pressing problem, and that markets are one of the best tools to mitigate the worst climate outcomes. Because of the time-sensitivity involved in addressing the warming of our planet, the use of markets will only be practical over next several decades. The time to act is now!
  1. Global climate change disproportionately impacts disadvantaged communities. There is a moral and ethical imperative to address this issue, and we believe that carbon mechanisms and policies should treat these communities equitably. Carbon markets can play a significant role in championing a healthy and just world by ensuring industry incorporates the cost of carbon pollution into our economy, incentivizing direct reductions as the cap is lowered, and by enabling reductions in sectors that are not yet regulated under the cap.
  1. Carbon is an investible asset class. As policy certainty is achieved, the price of carbon will rise until it becomes a long-term, fundamental currency.
  1. Cap and trade, with targeted reinvestment to support disadvantaged communities and the low carbon economy, is the preferable emission reduction solution over a carbon tax. Cap and trade holds promise to achieve large-scale emission reductions cost effectively and with needed certainty, while a carbon tax does not guarantee reductions at the levels necessary to stave off the most disastrous effects of climate change.
  1. We recognize the massive natural sequestration potential of working lands and support this as a key emissions reduction strategy. As a key player in the offset community we work to preserve our natural forests, grasslands, and wetlands to maintain this vital natural carbon stock.
  1. To arrest the rise in global temperature, we need to mobilize significant conservation finance flows. Since the availability of public money is in short supply, there is a need to leverage institutional capital at scale.
  1. We trust in a future where Americans can enjoy a healthy world and also experience economic prosperity. In fact, we believe the two are mutually dependent upon one another. A low carbon economy not only protects the environmental integrity of our world, it promotes innovation, investment, and creates jobs.
  1. The world must curb greenhouse gas emissions with a long-term zero-carbon footprint goal. These pollutants are all encompassing—impacting our air, water, and land—and must be controlled for the long-term sustainability of life on our planet.

We hope you’ll join The Climate Trust community on our journey to create a flourishing and equitable future.

Image credit: Flickr/Alex Proimos