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The Climate Trust (TCT) funds and manages reforestation and afforestation projects on lands that have been deforested due to natural disturbance (i.e. wildfire) or have been non-forest for at least 10 years.  Our foresters will work with you to design a reforestation project with native, site-appropriate seedlings that will generate climate-smart timber. The Climate Trust will pay for and manage tree establishment and our carbon market experts will ensure your timberland’s carbon and climate benefit is valued for the best price. The timber is yours.

Please reach out to Chad Avery, our Reforestation Manager to learn more.

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Traceable Reforestation for America’s Carbon and Timber

Climatesmart forestry practices including reforestation were highlighted in Executive Order 14008 in recognition of the key role America’s forestry sector plays in mitigating climate change. There is a great need to expand and recover the nation’s forest estate to balance society’s carbon emissions with carbon sequestration. At the same time, North American consumption of wood products has increased by an average of 1.6 billion board feet (BBF) per year since 2010 (Jannke 2022), creating a tension between the demand for wood products and the increasing need for our forests to serve as carbon reservoirs.

The Climate Trust (TCT) is addressing these related pressures through its reforestation program, Traceable Reforestation for America’s Carbon and Timber (TRACT). TCT will deploy funding, planning, and implementation of reforestation and afforestation activities in two geographic areas: the Western U.S. and the Southern U.S, focusing on lands deforested by natural disturbance and lands in need of afforestation.

The working forests created through this program will produce climate–smart timber and other forest products on postfire or degraded/marginal agriculture lands. The program is designed through a lens of equity and includes funding designated to assist underserved landowners. 


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This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under agreement number NR233A750004G020.