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Who We Are

Our Mission & Vision

The Climate Trust believes that reducing our carbon emissions and being good land stewards go hand in hand.

For over 25 years, this belief has driven all of our work. When we sustainably manage land, we’re also investing in a low-carbon economy that ensures a prosperous future for all.

And by connecting landowners and managers to carbon markets, we create an effective way for them to maintain their rural livelihoods and sustainably manage their lands for generations to come. Together, we’re pioneering solutions that begin and end with what we all care about: stewarding land.

Image of a scientist overlooking a river bank.

Our Mission

To pioneer accessible carbon market solutions that benefit our climate through good land stewardship.

Image looking up through trees with yellow fall foliage.

Our Vision

We envision a world where good land stewardship leads the way for a climate resilient future.

Our Values


Carbon financing scales solutions.

Investing in carbon development projects incentivizes and accelerates land conservation and restoration.


Trust is in our name.

We invest in high-impact projects and use our expertise to advance the quality of carbon markets.


Climate solutions are human solutions.

Human health and our climate are inextricably tied, uniting all people in our vision for a healthier world.


Climate resiliency must benefit everyone.

We work to make carbon markets accessible to everyone, even small landowners.


Local projects have global impact.

Climate actions must occur at the local level to transform our world and reduce global carbon emissions.


Land unites us.

The natural world contains unique cultural, familial, civic, and natural significance that unites all people.


Pioneers must create new pathways.

Having a pioneering attitude means forging new paths forward for others to follow.


Nature and markets are powerful partners.

The value of our project offsets can create a prosperous future where people and land thrive together.