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We develop grasslands, IFM, and reforestation projects across the United States. Seeking to have global impact on carbon emissions and local impact on frontline communities, we are committed to selling only high-quality credits with proven additionality and co-benefits that support the land, ecosystems, and landowners.

The Climate Trust is a nonprofit developer that has been pioneering natural climate solutions in the carbon market for over 25 years.

The Climate Trust (TCT) maintains a robust voluntary and compliance carbon offset portfolio across all sectors and regions in the United States and Canada.  We offer carbon offsets from both high quality projects we invest in, as well as those we develop ourselves directly with landowners. By partnering with The Climate Trust, we can support your climate action commitments by curating a portfolio that best matches your emissions reduction strategy and nature restoration goals.

The Climate Trust has structured hundreds of carbon offset financing deals since 1997 with a wide variety of offset buyers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, international companies, utilities and local buyers. This experience allows us to structure long and short term agreements with variable pricing and volumes.
Keeping up with the changing voluntary offset market is challenging. TCT works closely with buyers to navigate the market to ensure supplied offsets are of the highest quality. With many corporations making net-zero commitments by 2030, offsets will be critical to meeting these important goals while other emission sectors continue to decarbonize.

Since the first-ever legislation mandating energy facilities offset emissions was passed in Oregon, we have been vetting and acquiring offsets and are a trusted voice on high-quality carbon project standards. We are independently audited, conduct robust risk evaluation for all of our projects, and have an experienced risk committee that provides additional oversight. Our team has evaluated and developed hundreds of emissions reduction and removal projects with all of the major registries including American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Climate Forward, Verra, and California Air Resources Board.

By working directly with a non-profit, you can be assured that your carbon offset budget is reinvested in our mission to scale carbon offset projects with real climate impact and reward the project owners who voluntarily commit to climate impact projects. When you purchase our carbon offsets, you are making a critical contribution to a climate resilient future.

What Sets Us Apart


We are one of the oldest carbon entities in the nation.

We have been evaluating, committing to short and long-term offtake, investing in, financing, and developing U.S. carbon credit projects since 1997.


We develop projects to the highest market standards.

We only develop projects with methodologies from reputable registries that are independent, transparent with public input processes, and science-based.


We are known as a trusted voice in carbon markets.

Since we helped develop the first carbon offset standard in 2001, we have been advising registries and pioneering new carbon market solutions.


We work with climate vulnerable communities.

We focus on more than just GHG mitigation and support climate resiliency and adaptation for climate vulnerable communities around the country.


We focus on projects with co-benefits for ecosystems.

Our projects have important co-benefits that support wildlife and biodiversity in the unique ecosystems of each grassland or forest area.


We receive grants to deliver climate impact and analysis.

We are trusted by federal and state governments and other nonprofit partners to deliver analysis on carbon market challenges and pilot new ways to value climate benefit.


Our staff are natural resource and carbon accounting professionals.

We have a staff of experienced forest managers, rangeland scientists, and soil scientists in addition to our carbon accounting experts.


We care about good land stewardship.

As a nonprofit, we don’t seek profit. We care deeply about the land we live on and determine the right projects that benefit landowners and their land.

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